How to open a bank account in Ukraine for foreigners?

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Information from the article by Pravova Dopomoga lawyers.

“Are you planning to start a business in Ukraine, buy real estate or just want to be able to receive money transfers in Ukraine - you may need to open an account with a Ukrainian bank.


On the one hand, the procedure of opening a bank account in Ukraine is not as scary as, say, in the European Union. Yes, you still need to do some verification and compliance, and in the case of large sums of money you will have to think beforehand how to do it correctly and not to break the rules in order not to stimulate financial monitoring for checking your accounts. But the level of checks is much easier than in Europe, the procedure itself is faster.


And you choose the bank, not the bank you. The high level of competition in Ukraine has made it possible to have a developed banking system with maximum comfort for foreign clients.

To open an account at a bank, you first need to choose the bank and the type of account you will be opening. Your choice depends directly on the purpose for which you plan to open the account. For example if you are planning to buy real estate in Ukraine you will first need to obtain a TIN and then open an investment account with the bank to transfer funds as payment for the property.


A personal account may also require TIN, but not in every case - it depends on the requirements of the bank. An account for a LLC established in Ukraine can be opened by the director in his presence.

Documents required by most banks to open an account in Ukraine:

- passport;

- document with information on foreigner's place of residence/residence in Ukraine;

Note: if you know which managers to approach - you do not need to provide such a document; bank employee can write down the data from your words, we can help you with that too.

- Document, which is the confirmation of solvency of the foreigner;

- TIN.”

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