Registration of a charitable organization in Ukraine and recruitment of volunteers in 2022

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“Despite the fact that a few months ago, the work of state registrars was suspended, today a charitable organization can be registered in all regions of Ukraine, except for the occupied territories and territories where military operations are in progress. We register foundations in Kiev, because all the main state authorities and large logistics centers are located there, and it's easier to carry out any registration activities.


At the start you need to decide on the following questions:

What will be the structure of the charity's governing bodies?

What will be the goals of the foundation? Who will it help?

Who will do the organization's accounting? Who will be in charge of aid logistics?

How will charitable aid be accepted and further distributed for the purposes of the foundation?

Based on the answers to these questions, it will be possible to prepare a decision on the creation of the fund, and to develop a draft of its Charter.

Of course, just registering a foundation is not enough to make it work. You will need on-site assistants - at least to receive and distribute aid. And also an accountant, perhaps an administrator, and many others, depending on the size of the foundation, your workload and the volume of work. Both volunteers and salaried employees can work with the foundation.” More information in the article.

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